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Annual Day Out

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Lancaster Engineering Society

The Devils Porridge Museum

Eastriggs near Gretna.

Cordite, an essential ingredient of munitions was dubbed "The Devil's Porridge" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, when visiting this huge site, which stretched 9 miles from Eastriggs in the west to Mossband in the east. Townships were created for the thousands of workers who were employed on the site. Cordite would be shipped to shell filling factories such as that at White Lund in Morecambe.

Coincidentally the worst ever British Rail disaster took place close to this site on 22nd May 1915, when due to a signalling error a troop train packed with over 500 soldiers bound for Gallipoli was struck by an express train. The gas lighting in the wooden carriages started an horrific fire in which almost 300 were killed.

We will leave The Travellers Choice Depot, Scotland Road, Carnforth, LA5 9RQ at 9.00am on Tuesday 21st May.

We hope to spend about 2 hours on site before leaving for Gretna where there are a number of good lunch opportunities at the shopping outlet.

Tickets £25.00 each.



Number of Places at £25 _______________ I enclose cash/cheque to Lancaster Engineering Society for £_______

Please return to: Peter Wiltshire, 19 Hatlex Drive, Hest Bank, Lancaster LA2 6HA with your remittance by Tuesday 14 th May​




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